IT, The Cloud, Your Customer, and The Future of Brick-and-Mortar

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Join us Tuesday, November 24 at 2:00pm ET/11:00am PT to hear top CIOs discuss IT, the cloud, your customer, and the future of brick-and-mortar.

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In most sectors and industries, organizations today are confronting a new reality. Whether you run IT in retail, government, education, healthcare—or dozens of other sectors—you now must deliver products and services to customers, consumers, patients, students, and citizens without using physical storefronts or locations. That changes the equation not only in terms of fulfillment, but also marketing, messaging, customer service, and customer retention. The key is to securely expand your digital channels of communication, requiring greater integration of cloud-based data and processes. These changes not only affect the customer journey, but also the digital experience of employees who work with customers.

In our interactive, one-hour discussion, we’ll tackle the following issues:

  • How to replicate brick and mortar experiences in marketing, sales, and customer service. 
  • The challenge of fulfillment: product and service delivery as your market evolves and your business adapts. 
  • Lessons from industry use cases: retail, education, healthcare, financial services, government, and more.
  • All digital, all (most) of the time: The new buyer's journey and the employee experience. 

During this virtual roundtable, you'll have the opportunity to discuss today's challenges and explore:

  • A live video meeting led by Charles Pelton, skilled host and CIO Contributing Editor.
  • An intimate, gathering of senior IT leaders, from diverse industries, all grappling with similar issues.
  • A secure, private conversation open only to a carefully vetted group (no recording, no playback).

Don’t miss the opportunity for connection and conversation.

Join us for a professionally moderated conversation that’s valuable, on point and full of the answers you’ve been seeking.  Apply to attend today.

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Space is limited. Reserve your spot today.

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